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Future Digit specialized in digital marketing, result-driven business web design, eCommerce development, SEO & Online Marketing, superb UX / UI design, mobile apps, and promotional media productions.

We are constantly creating solutions for our clients that bridge the gap between design, technology and business. From delivering high-end website to executing successful digital marketing campaign, SEO, SEM, analytics, social strategy to ecommerce planning with conversion optimization – we're ready to delivering solutions that match your needs perfectly.
As a Digital Marketing Agency specilized in export-import business promotion, we focus on generating positive outcomes to elevate your brand and enhance your online marketing ROI. Whether it's enhancing online visibility, generating more leads, or boosting online sales, we're dedicated to fueling your global business growth.

Unlock Guaranteed Growth with
Future Digit and B2BMAP

We understand the challenges businesses face in today's competitive landscape. That's why we empower your business success through integrated web design and B2B solutions.

Direct Business Connections

Say goodbye to intermediaries and establish direct connections with potential buyers, leveraging B2BMAP's vast network to foster meaningful relationships and boost sales.

Expand Market Reach

Upgrade your digital presence with B2BMAP's enhanced services. Reach new heights by expanding your market reach, driving sales, and maximizing revenue streams through targeted connections.

Streamline B2B Operations

Enhance efficiency and save valuable time with integrated solutions covering website development, B2B networking, and marketing support.

Effective Product Showcase

Showcase and promote your products effectively using both your website and B2BMAP's platform, attracting targeted buyers and driving conversion rates with enhanced visibility.

Business Expansion

Whether you want to expand locally or globally, our solutions help you to tap into new markets and business opportunities.

Enhanced Communication Channels

Utilize B2B communication channels for faster interactions and seamless collaboration, streamlining your business processes.

Sell More - Grow Faster

Attract targeted buyers, reach new markets, and unlock limitless growth potential. We craft powerful websites and B2B connections to streamline sales and accelerate growth.

From Guaranteed Buyer Connection to
Rapid Business Success
All in simple plans


Expand Your Business

USD 699

BDT 78,500


Dominate Your Industry

USD 999

BDT 112,500

Your Global Marketing Partner

We are constantly creating solutions for our clients that bridge the gap between design, technology and business. From delivering high-end business web development to executing highly successful digital marketing campaigns, SEO, SEM, analytics, strategy planning with conversion optimization, we're ready to delivering solutions that match your needs perfectly.

As a leading Export-Import Marketing Agency, we're dedicated to fostering global business growth through our expertise. Our commitment lies in generating positive results to elevate your brand internationally and enhance your overall online marketing ROI. Whether it's enhancing online visibility, generating leads, or driving online sales, we're here to empower your success.


Web development

  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Website Administration
  • Database Design & Development

Web design

  • End-to-End UX & UI Design
  • User Friendly Information Architecture
  • Responsive and Innovative Design
  • Clean HTML, CSS and JavaScript Coding


  • Custom & Complex eCommerce
  • Shopping Cart & Payment Gateway
  • Order & Inventory Management
  • Secure & Fast Checkout Process


  • Develop Custom Software From Scratch
  • System Development & Integration
  • Big Data Management & Data Security
  • Business Processes Administration

Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Content creation and promotion
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Conversion tracking and ROI analysis

SEO & Online Marketing

  • Keyword research & Optimization
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • On-Page, Off-page & Technical SEO
  • Backlink analysis & Link Building

Need a High-Performing Export-Import Website


Guaranteed Business Growth ?

  • Guaranteed Connection with Buyers
  • Expand Market Reach & Sales Growth
  • Receive inquiries, Sell directly, Grow Fast
  • Streamline Business Operation, Save Time
  • Effective Business & Product Promotion
  • Local or Global Business Expansion

Why Choose Us


  • Our Agile Methodology ensures effective web & digital solutions.
  • Our Business sites and applications are SEO optimized for global visibility.
  • We prioritize your business requirements and maximize ROI.
  • We are quick to respond to ensure your online business's success.
  • We deliver services and solutions that are right for your business growth.
  • Our exclusive digital solutions help you to grow your export import business.
  • Our experienced web designers and developers deliver top-notch results.
  • We do SEO and digital marketing campaigns to attract leads organically.
  • We build organic, Google-friendly websites with strategically placed keywords.
  • Our responsive websites adapt to all devices and screens worldwide.
  • Our experienced team keeps your project on track and within budget.

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